About Us


For over 35 years we have been providing some of the highest quality mobile ready-mix concrete to homeowners and contractors in the Western New York area.

The advantage of using Transit Red-Mix for all your concrete needs are our volumetric mobile mixers. We can supply you with what ever concrete mix and quantity you may need. You only pay for what you use.

Volumetric Mobile Mixer

Our trucks have separate compartments for sand, stone, cement, and water. Materials are mixed on-site to produce the exact amount of concrete needed. Waste is eliminated which saves the customer time and money.

Mixing on-site allows us to produce a fresher, stronger, and more workable concrete customers love as compared to “hot” loads from a barrel truck.

You only pay for what you use. No waste and more cost effective.

Mixing on-site also allows us to be more advantageous to customers with the smaller yardage projects due to no waste as compared to barrel trucks with higher yardage minimums. This also eliminates the hassle of mixing by hand.

We can supply you with different strength mixes and admixes at the time of the pour.

Material Storage:

Each concrete ingredient is stored in a separate compartment. (1) Aggregates of sand and stone. (2) Cement is stored in a closed watertight bin behind the aggregates. (3) Water is located in front of the aggregates. (4) Admixtures are stored on the side of the truck and are integrated into the system.

Setting the Controls:

Once the storage bins have been loaded, the operator sets the (5) material “strike-off” gates and locks them into the desired specifications. Next the (6) admixture and water flow rates are set.

Concrete Production

(7) By engaging the conveyor and mixer hydraulic control levers, concrete production begins. The conveyor control operates a conveyor belt that extends beneath the entire length of the aggregate bins. As the material exists the bin, it passes under the “strike-off” gates. The material then travels to the rear of the mixer and cement is added. (8) The materials then discharge into the continuous mixer where water and admixtures are accurately metered and introduced.

Continuous Mixing

(9) The materials simultaneously enter the mixer where they are thoroughly mixed. The concrete mixture is then carried to the (10) discharge chute and into your wheelbarrow. Your mix never varies until you select a new mix design.

The Result

You get a perfect mix every time with NO WASTE!